Rent to Own

and enjoy your building today!


You can own a new Portable Building for as low as $102.99/month!

Rawhide Sheds Rent To Own program is a 3-year Agreement.

To initiate this Agreement the Lessor must, if the value of the building is less than $10,000.00, pay (2) RTO monthly payments along with the sales tax for those (2) months in the county where the building is being delivered. We also require a $150.00 security deposit, which will be returned to the Lessor after the successful final termination of the agreement has been met, barring any fees that might have to be addressed.
If the value of the building is $10,000.00 or more, the security deposit is 20% of the cost of the building.
The customer cost of the RTO program comes from the Lease fee which is charged every month the building is being leased. Every month the lessor pays the principal cost of the building divided by the 36 payments, plus a monthly lease fee. The lease fee is 40% of the total monthly RTO payment.
There are no prepayment penalties. If the lessor decides to pay off the building any time after his or her initial (2) payments, they only pay the lease fee for the months they are leasing the building. Sales taxes on the balance due must be paid at that time.
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